In my last post, I wrote about how informal communication can impact the productivity and efficiency of a company and shared some of the ways we communicate at my Internship site. While I discovered that informal communication plays a big role in eliminating conflicts, and boosts the morale of employees, formal communication is also important to keep us accountable. In this post, I’m going to share some of the formal communication tools we use at my internship site, and how it has made me more accountable.

Every morning at Interapt we have short 5 minute meetings called “stand-up”, where everyone in the team starting from developers, to project managers, to mentors share what they have contributed the past day, what they plan to do the very day, and if there is anything blocking them to do what they intend to do. Long meetings at the beginning of the day can be unproductive, but this short meeting was a good way for me to reflect on my work and set a goal for the day. This strategy has helped me realized that breaking down bigger goals into small attainable goals makes achieving the end goal easier.

Another way we keep us accountable is through end of the week report on Friday listing what we had expected to complete this week, what we have accomplished this week, what we have planned for next week and is there anything blocking our work. This serves as a good reminder and reflection on a weekly basis. In addition, we use JIRA Project management tool for our workflow to keep track of the feature an employee is currently working on and the current status of the work being done. This helps me with organizing my workflow as I am working in a big team with multiple features.