Today marks the end of the sixth week of my internship at Interapt. I want to use this post as an opportunity to reflect on my learnings and experiences working as an Intern at this company.

In the first week, I started with watching some tutorials on how to develop applications with Angular 2 framework. In the second week, my fellow interns and I were assigned to take one a project for making an application that would allow manage employee information more efficiently. The project involved building a REST API with Ruby on Rails, a web admin portal with Angular 2, a mobile application with Angular 2 on Ionic framework. I chose to do front-end development to learn something new and challenge myself.

I believe taking on this challenge has been a very rewarding experience in many ways. First, I was able to overcome my fear of JavaScript. Prior to this internship, I hated JavaScript, mainly because I had never taken the time understand how it works. But now, I understand more about event-driven programming and JavaScript has become my friend. Other than event-driven programming I have learned about using Promises, and Observables which are very commonly used in modern web-applications.

Apart from the technical skills, I have also grown as a person. I have built new and improved on old soft skills. I have to collaboratively with other people in my team. I can recall numerous occasions where I had to discuss the safety measures of GETting/POSTting data over a certain URI with the backend developer, or talking about the design of the application with the designer and how it can be improved. This has improved my teamwork and communication skills. When stumbled on an issue or console error,  I had to apply  critical thinking to analyze the problem and seek help in extreme situations.

So far, it has been a rewarding experience.