As you can tell from the title of this post, this is about some of the problems you face when using cutting-edge technology, but this is specifically about Angular 2.

In this post, I will talk about the challenges of using newly released frameworks like Angular 2, and how I have tried different methods to solve my problems to build _stable product._

I’ve been developing a single page web app using Angular 2 framework for three weeks now, and the final version has not been released yet. I started my project using Angular 2 release candidate(r.c.) 1 and now the latest version is at r.c.3. A lot has changed in Angular 2 from r.c.1 to r.c.3.

Some of the biggest problems I have faced are:

  1. The old implementation breaks when you update the library.

  2. The documentation is old or not present for the latest versions of the library.

  3. Stackoverflow, the biggest resource for developers to get some quick help is not helpful at times.

All these problems make the development experience a little challenging than traditional frameworks that has been tested rigorously and used by everyone. So how do you deal with these problems if you still want to use the latest version? One easy solution I have found is to ask questions to my mentors and senior developers. But this can also be a challenge when your mentors have not used or are just using this new framework. This is when good communication skills are helpful. I have tried putting my problems in the context of core concepts, so they can help me solve them. Another solution I have found is reading  blog posts and tutorials. There are many people in the Angular 2 development community who regularly publish blogs on  Angular 2 updates.

Developing using the new Angular 2 framework has definitely forced me to go out of my comfort zone of just googling and finding answers on Stackoverflow, and learn more about core concepts.