The first sprint of my project at Interapt has come to an end which means I have been working on my project for two weeks. It was time for evaluation. Today we evaluated the work we had done so far and planned for the next sprint.


In this post, I’ll be talking about my reflection on the evaluation of the first sprint, and how we planned for the next sprint.

Our meeting began with a demo of the work each of us had done so far. I have been working as a front-end developer on this project that consists of creating an interactive employee database. So far, I have created an employee form that allows administrators to add a new employee to the database, and a page that lists all the employee in the database.

Compared to web forms I have built before, I would place this form at a higher level because it consists most of the functionality of a modern day form of a web application. For example, there is an input field for employee id that has to be unique and in a specific format. I learned about asynchronously, validating field by checking the for uniqueness through API calls to the server. I also learned how to use regular expressions in JavaScript, to check if the entered employee id adhered to the required format. Regular expressions provide a very easy way to check the format of strings without writing a bunch of if statements and worrying if I have missed a case.

On the other hand, I have also learned more about tables and lists while building the employee list. I had implemented tables with sorting functionality in the past with the help of JavaScript libraries, but now I’ve learned to implement my on sort and filter functionality with typescript in Angular 2.

With the first two weeks of work, I think I have started to like JavaScript (TypeScript) and the Angular 2 framework. To be honest, I had always avoided JavaScript because it seemed very scary to debug, but with the help of TypeScript, it is much easier to write JavaScript applications.