This Friday I was able to learn more about _Interapt’s product line and the overseer of the products. In this blog post I’m going to write about my perspective on the products and why I think is carving its niche in the huge tech industry with simple solutions to real world problems._

One of the Interapt’s oldest and popular product is Togglit. It’a Mobile App content management system that allows clients to manage contents in their mobile app without having to code anything. The client app comes with features like pods, pages, and push notifications that they can link together through the Togglit CMS platform to display content to their mobile app users. There is a growing need for mobile apps among companies and organization. Thanks to Togglit, it gives companies unprecedented control over how your app looks without giving their team extra work to create their own software.

Srcibllit is another product with a simple solution to a hard problem that is creating some breakthrough changes in the health industry. From Scribllit’s website: “Scribblit is a HIPAA-compliant texting application for mobile phones that allows physicians and staff to share patient information quickly and securely”. It is helping health care providers to work more efficiently and generate improved patient outcomes by saving them millions of dollars that they pay violating HIPAA compliance.

Another product that was introduced to us was Powermap, a mobile app from Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. The app is targeted for Economic Development professionals, which uses GPS capabilities to determine if one is in the 16 cooperatives’ service territories. This helps economic developers to make important decisions about their choice of site location by providing data from StateBook International about: availability of skills; detailed workforce data; available sites and buildings; quality of life attributes; along with narratives and facts about the community and region that helps to tell the story of the communities served by Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

I feel reassured to choose a career in the technology, when I see the contribution of people at Interapt in creating these technologies that are creating value for people by solving real problems.

Next, I’ll be writing more about the project I will be working on, the workflow structure at Interapt, and my adventure exploring and learning Angular 2. I’ve also decided to create a separate channel to post Angular 2 specific blog posts that will serve as a refence for me and others to look back at.