The first day of June began with the monthly All Hands Meeting with all employees at Interapt that happens once a month. The CEO of Interapt, Ankur Gopal, led the meeting with some updates from last all hands meeting and some news for the company ahead. He also explained his vision for the company moving forward, and how he would like the company to grow. Among the announcements were awesome award Interapt had won last week and a new project that Interapt is working on to teach 50 students to code in Eastern Kentucky, who will ultimately be hired to work at Interapt. I was feeling very proud to be working in the leadership of visionary leader and a creative company.


Next, he introduced the new hires at the company who were very experienced people in the tech industry. The COO of the company laid out the new structure in the company and set some ground rules that would help us grow. In the end, the Interns were allowed to introduced themselves, and I was excited to learn that I would be working with some creative and talented professionals this summer. My exhilaration got heightened followed by this sentence from the CEO, “you are going to have your best internship experience this summer”.

Later this week I’ll be learning about the project that will be using Angular 2 and Ruby on Rails, my fellow interns and I would be working on. My following blog posts would be about a combination of topics ranging from the work culture experience to the development principles I’ll be learning.