Finally, I had some time to sit down and collect my thoughts. In this post, I’ll talk about how was my first day at _Interapt._

Moving to Louisville was a rather inconvenient experience than what I had expected. Most of the blame lies with the apartment manager for their lack of clarification to me to submit the leasing paperwork 5 days before my arrival. I was already delayed to move into my apartment last Tuesday but that got further delayed. Now putting all the complaints aside, I got to start my work on last Wednesday and I’m very happy for that.

I arrived 20 minutes before my start time to avoid any first-day embarrassment. Entering into the office of Interapt I was not surprised at all because I had been there before. But what I most like about Interapt than any other company is that their office is an organized chaos. All their work tables are on casters which gives the office a lot of flexibility, there are whiteboards and big post-it boards sprinkled throughout the room, and there are big windows all around the room to provide you inspiration all day long. According to me, this is the kind of environment you need to influence creativity.

I get to meet all the employees, the CEO, and other interns on the first day. I was not assigned any task by my supervisor on the first day. However, the other dev intern and I were instructed that on Wed Jun 1 we would be assigned a project, and another dev intern is going to join us. The back-end would be built on Ruby on Rails and the front-end will be on Angular 2. There will also be a mobile piece to the application which will be built using Cordova. We were allowed to pick whichever side we wanted to develop for. I chose to do the front-end because I wanted to do learn more JavaScript and challenge myself. Also, Angular 2 is becoming one of the most popular frameworks for web app development.

I’m using a mix of tutorial starting from Angular 2 documentation, Udemy, to to learn Angular 2. It is one of the best tools I have seen so far to create interactive user interfaces ver fast. However, there is a big learning curve.

Next, I will be posting about my progress on learning Angular and my thoughts on Angular 2 development.