Finally, I had the chance to test the software on a 3D printer. Thanks to Ashley for helping us out with the connectivity. I was trying to recreate the issue #1149 as I had written in my last blog post. In short the issue was about adding a layer up and down functionality in the G-Code viewer of OctoPrint. The feature request has two parts: 1) Add buttons for layer up/down 2) Add on-press-key event with the up and down keys. As soon as I commented on the issue ticket, I got some quick responses. One member had already worked on the on-press feature, so I wanted to test it.

Lessons from testing

While testing the connectivity of the printer, and the layer up and down feature, I learned two main things:

  1. You have to allow permissions to the OctoPrint group and users to access the USB port you will connect the printer with.

  2. Always do a git pull at the beginning of the day because we did not have the changes pushed by the last member, which was exactly the functionality we were trying to test.


So, the on-press feature worked well for the up and down keys. So, I reported back my findings to the community and asked if the buttons are still required. I got another quick response stating the buttons might be a good addition because some users might be using OctoPrint on their tablets or phones.

TODO’s and Challenges

Now, I have identified our TODO’s and biggest challenges. We have to integrate buttons in the UI in this gcodeviewer.jinja2 template for the G-Code viewer and edit the gcode.js file to create an on-click function that will update the slider values. This is fairly simple, but the biggest challenge is to make it fit in the UI. The G-Code viewer layout is not as straightforward to port and shuffle. But, I’m currently working on the UI and keep following my posts to be updated.