Using Arduino Pro Mini as a low power consuming platform

I’m almost midway in my embedded system course where, as a class, we are designing temperature and humidity sensor(THS) for Pine Mountain Settlement School(PMSS). Last week, we had the opportunity to meet Geoff, executive director of PMSS, and ask various questions to deconstruct all the ideas to build this THS.

Battery vs. Power adapter for Arduino sensor

In our Embedded systems class, we are designing and manufacturing Temperature and Humidity sensors (TH Sensor) for Pine Mountain Settlement School (PMSS) . After a group of students investigated the site for potential clues about how to go about designing the sensor, we are faced with an interesting challenge. How should we power our sensor? Batteries or Power Adapters? What kind of network communication links should we use? WiFi or Radio Links? Since there are many possibilities and challenges we came up with a conjecture: “Designing the sensor for battery and wifi is the simplest most direct pathway to solving PMSS SC.”

Hacking the Jeep

I was not surprised to see the video where two hackers Charlie and Chris remotely hijacked an SUV. In fact, I had seen many similar videos. But what stood out to me most was the vulnerability of our software resulting in life-threating situations like having a jeep hacked in the middle of the highway while you are driving.